Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer reflections

Summer is here and it's a great time for parents to have some space to think about the school year that just passed and the one that's ahead. Unfortunately it's also the time when all the school work comes home and she find yourself incidentally leaving through reams of it and taken out of context it can sometimes create alarm.

Summer is a good time to try to tackle things at a gentle pace therefore:

* schedule some daily typing practice.
* if necessary try to find games that insist on words being entered as commands.
* obtain a never ending stream of books that interest your child, so they lounge about reading rather than over doing it on the Wii.
* Try to revise areas of maths from last year and look at next years curriculum to prep for what will be coming.
* Have fun and play chase!
*Talk to other parents who have children with written output problems and get some inspiration.

Major discovery: Twist n write pencil

This is the twist n write pencil that an OT gave my child to help avoid what she termed the "death grip" when he's writing. It's a real boon and will help your child. They are widely available in the US at stationary shops it appears, in Canada I am less clear how they are obtained, but will post any links I find. Ditto UK.

Please post your experiences using it in the comments section and other shops you've found to buy it.