Thursday, December 14, 2006

ADHD: US and Australian news stories

This is an extract from this Australian news story:
A DRUG used to treat children for attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, has had some serious psychiatric side-effects,
a study shows.
The Federal Government's Therapeutic Goods Administration
(TGA) has been assessing the drug Strattera, which will be available widely
under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Fairfax reports.
Strattera was the
probable cause of one child's explosive mood swings and erratic behaviour,
including an attempt to open the door of a moving car, according to the

You should easily be able to track down the actual study via the government department

Mother Says School Wants Her Son On ADD Meds

MANTECA, Calif. Sabrina Nichols says they've tried half a dozen medications
for her 9-year-old son Jacob's attention deficit disorder. Meds, she says, have
turned him into a zombie. His eyes are barely open in this years' school photo
all because she says his Manteca school has strongly recommended it.

Full story is here:

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