Thursday, January 4, 2007

UK:Britain 'wasting talent of its brightest kids'

(Dec 31st 2006)
Tens of thousands of bright children in the poorest parts of England and Wales are being let down by schools that fail to nurture their talent, a leading government adviser has warned Tony Blair.
Sir Cyril Taylor, chairman of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, said those who opposed spending more time and money on gifted and talented children held an 'anti-elitist ideology' that would hold back the economy.,,1980605,00.html

It's interesting that in none of these articles is there any mention of the fact that gifted children can also have learning disabilities ....


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Liz from I Speak of Dreams. I have a post about the general situation in the UK relative to LDs here Dyslexia A Big Expensive Myth.

The UK lags behind the US in gifted education (as nearly as I can tell from this side of the pond), and as Simon Garfinkel said in his article, there are still a lot of "LD deniers".

Do you know the Eide Neurolearning Blog? Here's their Library on Dysgraphia and Writing Problems.

Lisa Fischler is looking for blogs like yours. I think you'd enjoy Lisa's writing.

pumps said...

Hi Liz,

Thank you very much for leaving these excellent links. These are exactly the kinds of resources I have been looking for.

I will also add these blogs to my roll.

I must explore the differences between dysgraphia and written output disorder because as far as I can tell my son does not have dysgraphia per se.

Thanks again.