Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Channel 4 documentary: child genius

Article about Channel 4 programme that will go out tomorrow at 8pm.

Michael is one of the high-achieving children in a new Channel 4 series which documents the lives of 10 gifted children growing up in the UK and regularly updates us on their progress, Seven-Up style.

rest of article is here


Anonymous said...

Watching the Channel Four documentary was akin to watching a horror movie--only much more frightening. These children are isolated, aloof--it's intelligence in the absence of any human emotion. The parents' cloying devotion to their children was also shocking. They seemed to be fans--delighting in IQ scores-- rather than parents.

pumps said...

Thanks for these interesting observations.

Did you watch it on Channel 4? I have only seen the brief clip, but gathered some of what you're saying.

If it's available online pls let us know where (url) so others can view it.

Nick H said...

Hmm, I was somewhat like Dante as a kid...

Michael is definitely the luckiest of the bunch.

That is largely thanks to the fact his mother can easily keep pace with him - which importantly means she is neither intimidated nor awed, so is able to be a good mentor.

Bluebird said...

Having just watched Child Genius repeated on channel four, it is a little worrying that these children are growing up so separate from their peers, and under such immense pressure.
You have to wonder if and when the will crack under all the expectations. Although it must be very difficult as a parent trying to balance their academic and social development, perhaps the parents should be less focused on winning competitions & more on their childs wellbeing. As was evident from Aimee Kwan who seemed desperate just to be able to relax and make friends. Afterall what is life without good friends, especially when your a teenager!
(Child Genius is available on Veoh.com)