Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Highly recommended: You're smarter than you think: A kid's guide to multiple intelligences

I highly recommend reading this book with your child.
You're Smarter Than You Think: A Kid's Guide to Multiple Intelligences
published by Freespirit publishing

I'm sure many of you have heard your child talk about themselves negatively. I'm stupid, this type of thing. As you've spent years lavishing praise and encouragement upon your child it's completely demoralising to hear such statements from them.

Here's a book that will actively challenge them to think differently about themselves. Armstrong describes in clear and accessible language multiple intelligences: listing them as Word Smart, Music Smart, Logic Smart, Picture Smart, Body Smart, People Smart, Self Smart and Nature Smart.

We've been reading the book together to great success and a warm response from the child, whose embracing the concept heartily. It's very interactive. Each intelligence begins with a list of questions and the child enjoys answering them and as they answer they explain things about themselves aloud. Gradually as Armstrong unravels all the different intelligences the child begins to identify his/or her strengths. He then goes on to explain what the various intelligences can do for the child and suggests ways to be come Word smart, or picture smart.

What's distinctive and different about this book is it's written specifically to be read to a child, but equally it's not patronising and doesn't underestimate them.

It's an essential for the bookshelf to be reached for time and time again to reiterate to the child when despair strikes. Equally it's a book that teaches us to appreciate and celebrate difference in others, so as you read you can think of other children who may have different intelligences and you can bring home the idea that all children have special, sometimes hidden, talents. I think it's useful to counter this ten out of ten means I am smart culture.

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