Monday, September 3, 2007

KIDSPIRATION -- a terrific aide for written output problems

A few readers have written to me describing children struggling with verbal output as well as written. We've just discovered KIDSPIRATION software and it's a terrific aide for any process that involves delivering ideas aloud or onto the page.

The experience of feeling stuck can be very demoralising for children, but once you demonstrate a fathomable path to finding and realizing ideas I've found spirits quickly lift. ("I started with nothing and I have found my way to something...")

Over the next months I will be documenting the experience of working with this software Kidspiration and the ways in which we've found it helpful.

I can immediately observe that this software would make a huge difference to visual learners because the child can literally grab various visual images and build stories. It's also excellent for telling stories within a picture using short phrases or single words to spur ideas. There are many other possiblities with this particular program. Previously I had used the adult version in my own work and found it helpful for organzing ideas or for kicking writers block, but had never tried the kids version with my child until now.

I can also see that if a child is facing down an intimidating task like a book report and they announce that they have nothing to say about the book, that generating ideas with this software would make the task a great deal more joyful.

More generally it instills the idea into a child that process matters and is enjoyable and necessary. The sensible folks at Kidspiration even offer a free trial

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