Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another school year

As the stress of the school year is now is full swing it's time to share some reflections on the latest modifications.

We are now using a computer inclass for as much writing as possible. This relieves some stress and aides output. It is not a panacea because it doesn't overcome the issue of things like worksheets and sometimes my child can become frustrated with the computer.

It has allievated much stress though and I'd heartily recommend parents to embrace technology at their earliest opportunity.

The computer we are currently using is a Dell Inspiron 12 inch. The battery power is good, but the keyboard is irritating for larger, or normal sized adult hands. It works fine for a child, it works fine for us at the moment.

Personally I prefer Mac and think that some of the software on mac is excellent. I also think if children are going to work in an interface the best aesthetic experience enhances it and mac is superior in this way.

Battery life is something mac needs to improve.

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