Thursday, November 30, 2006

ADHD: PBS programme Medicating Children

Here is a link to a PBS special. It’s interesting, mostly profiles of children and their families response to ADHD and whether to medicate their children. Interesing stuff.
The programme is divided into 5 sections which are easily viewable with a broadband connection.
It was somewhat alarming to see the pressure being exerted by the school/teachers for the child to be medicated. One can understand the desire to run a functional classroom, but shouldn’t this be a decision driven by the child and parents rather than the distraught atmosphere created in the classroom.
It’s also remarkable how sedentary the classrooms feel when you’re watching this piece. No wonder children want to leap up and down. ADHD or otherwise the facility to move should be a much more integral aspect of any classroom. Compulsory skipping ropes and yoga mats in the corner would be a good start.

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