Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hard work ahead

It's possible you've come upon this blog because you're searching to understand why your child exhibits a resistance to writing, or it's been suggested your child may be struggling to write or have been tested and diagnosed with written output disorder. Given that much of the present school system only rewards children in the primary grades on tidy looking writing and pictures, it can be very disheartening for the child and in turn for the parent, who notices their child entered school a content, confident individual, but lately self esteem is beginning to suffer. The most important thing is you're curious about your child because there are always accommodations and solutions when you begin to excavate what you're observing and educate yourself and understand what may help your child.

I recently read this article and was moved by the parents response to their daughter's autism. I think it was the willingness by this couple to respond on every level they could to help their daughter. Now obviously the challenges are entirely different, but this is a really interesting and excellent piece about being brave and curious and determined which are necessary qualities for near enough each and every challenge in life.


One of the few things I have learnt recently is that if your child has any kind of learning difference whether it's mild or otherwise and if you don't have a significant pay cheque you'll need to get resourceful and creative very, very quickly. The school system will do little to support your child. There may be gestures here and there, (tangibly speaking they are only winks), there may even appear to be a willingness and some intention to help, but the disastrous state of funding scuppers it all. If you're lucky enough to live in a place where there is some support -- great. I suspect most effective help and change exist in the private and alternative school systems and the fact is many of us simply do not have the cash to access such possibilities for our children. This is where the sharing of information is paramount. This is what I mean by the magic of the kitchen table.

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