Monday, July 16, 2007

ADHD program analysis information

I post this here as a point of information only. It caught my eye and maybe of interest to some readers, but should not be seen as an endorsement as I have not actively researched it myself. It appears to be some kind of cognitive therapy program. If anyone has any feedback or knowledge on it, as to whether it is effective in what it purports to offer please post a comment.

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Dr. Patricia O. Quinn, MD, Director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD has issued a Critical Analysis of Legacy Parenting's 'Total Transformation Program.' Developed by behavioral therapist James Lehman, The Total Transformation is a step-by-step system for parents and caregivers to assist them in changing defiant or out-of-control behavior in children who may have ADHD and are "acting out."

The Total Transformation Program is available through Legacy Parenting Company

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