Saturday, July 21, 2007

Andrew Wakefield story links

Following the Andrew Wakefield story with interest. I'll be posting all sides/views of the story as info for readers. It's an important case to watch.

From the Scotsman
DOCTORS working on the research programme which sparked the MMR controversy recruited vulnerable children directly from their GPs for unnecessary invasive testing, a hearing was told yesterday.

From BBC: MMR doctor 'broke medical rules'

On the other side here's a piece interviewing some of Wakefield's supporters:
"This is a show trial that has nothing to do with the truth,” Bill Welsh, a campaigner from Edinburgh and a grandparent of Luke, aged 12, said. Luke cannot talk.

Here's the blog of Brian Deer. the journalist who investigated the so called Lancet Scandal.

This is an opinion piece by a GP, more of a humorous take on patient expectations of being paid a fiver to get a blood test.

If anyone has other pro-Wakefield links please comment because I'd like to upload both sides more equally.

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