Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Kept Secret in the World: Miracle of Soroban (Japanese abacus)

Soroban is something I am very excited about. It's Japanese abacus and an amazing system of becoming proficient at maths for all children.

My experience with it is very positive and the results I've seen with my own child have been very inspiring. I believe it helps working memory and the method of mental calculation -- anzan -- that it teaches can be very useful for children with different learning styles.

Here are some Soroban links: do your child a favour and sign up for Soroban classes. You need to see it as a longer term project that you commit to and much of the stress around maths will dissolve.

How to find Soroban classes in Canada and US:

Here are some links to Soroban schools:


Click here for contact info and class location and schedules.

OREGON Abacus School


Please advise me if you know of other Soroban classes. Note I am only interested in classes not abacus textbooks for sale. I believe children thrive better with an expert abacus teacher to help them.

Soroban Education Centre Singapore

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