Saturday, October 11, 2008


Apologies for epic lull in posting; will be gathering up lots of interesting stuff to add to the blog in the coming months.

Here's an article that caught my eye: I'm sure many parents will relate to these cutbacks and this also may impact the kinds of therapies and extra support parents will be able to seek to help children struggling with dysgraphia or output issues. In the next while I'll also be looking at lower cost solutions and adding suggestions.

From today's New York Times

WHEN Wendy Postle’s two children were younger, saying “yes” gave her great joy. Yes to all those toys. The music lessons. The blowout birthday parties.

SALE Wendy Postle, with Kaitlyn, 15, has an eye on the register.
But as her son and daughter approached adolescence, yes turned into a weary default. “Sometimes it was just easier to say, ‘O.K., whatever,’ than to have the battle of ‘no,’ ” said Mrs. Postle, a working mother who lives in Hilliard, Ohio, a middle-class suburb of Columbus. the economy totters, many families have no choice but to cut back, which may lead to a shift in their thinking about money and permissiveness.

Entire article, including excellent cartoon is here

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