Saturday, October 11, 2008

Working Memory Workout

This was sent to me by someone: we tried the demo ...the game is quite fun.

JungleMemory is a fun and interactive computer program based on
cutting-edge science. Your child plays games that train working memory
in key learning activities, like reading and math.

Benefits of JungleMemory(c):
* The games are scientifically proven to increase working memory and
* Acts like a personal tutor to boost your child's working memory and learning
* Trains both verbal and visual memory for a complete brain workout
* Games are engaging, with bonus features to motivate the player

Try a FREE demo now:


Anonymous said...

I signed up a few weeks ago and my son loves it. It's also given me excellent feedback, the statistics on his improvement are very insightful.

pumps said...

Thanks for commenting.

I really hope you are a genuine parent and not someone associated with Jungle Memory trying to plug it. It's so hard with blogging and anon comments to know.

Please tell us more about the feedback stats and how you've seen it help your son... if you don't mind. Did he get bored with the exercises at all?

I think it will help other parents who might be poor and wondering it's worthwhile when they have small resources to work with.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pumps,

Did you end up signing for Jungle memory for your child?

If yes, was it usefull. Could you give us your feedback?

As you say, we as parents want to know some idea before spending our limited resources.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I have two of my kids on it my 8 year old is frustrated my 13 yr old is doing great I just wish the speed could be adjusted it is getting harder and harder because the time gets smaller and smaller and she loved it at first now she is struggling.

pumps said...

I did not sign up in the end because I am not convinced my child would adhere to doing it often enough. I found the concept promising and am glad to have your feedback.

You should also give this feedback to the makers of the program so they can improve it.

I was disappointed the program was not available for free. It seems there are so few resources for working memory and it would be more productive if they allowed everyone to access it and then used the data or results constructively to improve technology and develop new programs.

My two cents worth...

It's interesting that your older child is benefiting more than the younger.

This indicates the program needs to be tailored more to individual needs as you suggest.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

my son has just started and is nearly 7.5 . I agree that the timeframe is too fast- even if I click for him so he can concentrate on where the various letters blobs
, I have difficulty doing it in time . I am having to bribe him to continue as he gets very frustrated. Also we have had a fair few problems with it not working on certain days and I think the problem lies with teh site not my computer. Also what follow up programs are there? Presumably you have to keep exercising?